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A Stress-Free Timeline for Designing Your Nursery

Finding out that your family is growing is a monumental occasion.  It becomes a story to tell your child how excited you were to find out that you were becoming a parent.  While there is so much joy during this time, it can get overwhelming when you think of all the prepping and planning you need to do before their arrival.  One of the biggest "to-dos" on your list is creating a perfect nursery.

Creating a space to bring your new little bundle home can be a lot of fun as well as a little bit stressful.  There is a biological need to “nest” when you find out you are pregnant.  It is our human instinct way to prepare for this grand new change to our life.  But there is no reason to get stressed out about it if you have a plan.  Here are some tips and a timeline to help design your nursery.

Just found out you got a bun in the oven!  When you see a positive pregnancy test, you may want to rush out to the store right that minute and buy whatever baby item you can get your fingers on but hold up!  Focus on dreaming and designing a vision of your future nursery.  What are you dreaming about when you see a nursery for a boy or a girl?  Maybe you want something more gender-neutral.  Use this time to dream up anything!  Visit Pinterest and create boards with pins of everything you like, love, and can't live without.

Is it a boy or a girl?  Around 18 to 21 weeks is when you can find out the gender.  If that is your plan, you can start narrowing down the vision of the design your nursery will.  Pick a theme that can be incorporated into your future baby shower. Putting items and décor that will fit in perfectly with the nursery on your baby shower registry will help your nursery come together more easily. Talk about your budget for your nursery with your partner.  Some of the most expensive pieces are a crib, dresser, and changing table.  Having these decisions completed by 21 weeks helps make the design process go a lot faster and easier.

2nd-trimester energy.  Many expectant mothers find that they no longer have morning sickness and have a bit of their energy up by their 2nd trimester.  This is a perfect time to order your furniture so that they can get in on time.  If you are thinking of repainting the walls or hanging up wallpaper, this is the best time to do it.  While you may feel up to painting walls and putting furniture together, enlist your partner to help with the hard labor.

Feeling the nesting instincts?  Around 27-30 weeks, you may still be moving around comfortably.  This is the perfect time to have a baby shower. During this time, open your baby shower gifts, wash the clothes, and start organizing your storage solutions.  Figure out if the layout of your nursery will work for you. This is the perfect time to rearrange any furniture you think needs to change. 

It’s time to rest!  34-36 weeks are a perfect time to just focus on the small additional stuff to add to the nursery.  Now is the time to add the delightful extras that will truly make your nursery unique for your new little bundle of joy.  Enjoy your next few weeks resting and focusing on self-care every day. 

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